Design department

The our design office offers services in the field of designing equipment for various industries. Our team consists of experienced engineers who have been designing equipment for over 10 years.

Hundreds of clients have installed high-tech equipment designed by our specialists. This made it possible to significantly reduce production costs, increase production volumes, and also launch new types of products.

The main goal of implementing these projects is to create fully functional industrial equipment that is adapted to the technological process and customer expectations.



We do not have a branched structure, each engineer is able to effectively combine the functions of a designer and a technologist, which allows us to minimize costs in order to achieve an optimal result

Our specialists have gone from general machine operators, assembly fitters to leading engineers, which allows us to obtain developments with a clear understanding of all stages of production, assembly, commissioning and maintenance of the equipment being designed

You will communicate directly with the direct executor of your project, the engineer and resolve all issues that arise in the process of work as quickly as possible

We do not collect projects on paper, our task is to implement a solution that ensures the growth of the efficiency of the Customer’s indicators

We provide a detailed description of each project, which includes technical recommendations for the production of individual parts and assemblies

Our extensive experience in the design of various equipment allows us to find unique solutions based on the knowledge gained during the implementation of other projects

The basis for successful project implementation is detailed technical specification. Based on this
information, we guarantee that the designed equipment will exceed the client’s expectations